Weekly Class Schedule



Now offering classes online and IN PERSON!

Weekly Lessons

Lessons are customized to the group and range from going over students own games, strategic topics or even classic or current world chess matches. 

Play and Practice

Students will get a lot of opportunities to play games with their fellow classmates and even their coach to reinforce what they’ve learned. Oftentimes coaches will set up mini tournaments in class so they can see how their students are grasping new concepts and what needs to be worked on further.

Class Levels


This is a great class for absolute beginners who are starting at square one. In this class students will learn how the pieces move and capture and what is a checkmate. 


For students who already know the basics and are ready for the next step. The basics include the names of the pieces how to set up the board, how the pieces move and capture and the meanings of checkmate and stalemate.


Students should take this class when they have mastered the chess fundamentals, including being able to spot checkmate’s in one, having a good grasp of the opening principles and are motivated to win games and improve.


This class is intended students who have already learned higher level concepts such as checkmate patterns, opening principles and tactics and are ready to hone their skills with a master coach who can give them more personalized guidance.

Our Coaches

Our coaches have many years of experience teaching all size of classes in Seattle schools and now over a year teaching class online. Click on a coach to learn more about them.

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