William Schill

FIDE Master / Coach

Coach Bill is a FIDE Chess Master and two -time Washington State Champion who is still active in chess competition. He’s been teaching his students his winning strategies for over 18 years.

Matt Fleury

USCF National Master / Coach

Coach Matt has been a National Chess Master since his teens. He’s been coaching over 20 years and many of his top students have gone on to become expert and master level chess players themselves

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Edward Brown


As a former teacher and current advocate for youth in foster care in Seattle Public Schools, Ed brings 10 years of education experience to the chess board. Ed started and runs a chess program in the juvenile detention and firmly believes that everyone loves chess, they just might not know it yet.

Michael Adams


Steve Ryan

Founder / Director / Coach

Steve Ryan is the founder of Seattle Chess School, event organizer and Chess Coach for over 17 years. He left a career in high tech after realizing the amazing benefits chess can have for people of all ages.