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There comes a point in the lives all chess players when they've acquired enough skill and know it's time to go and test themselves to reach for that next level. For a young person, this can be a decisive moment. Our school is here to engage, inspire and support chess playing in people of all ages, but we have a special mission for young, aspiring chess players. This mission is made real in the Tournament Success Course also known as the TSC.

Our head coach is FM William Schill who is not just a coach, but an active, professional chess player and who continues to play and perform in tournaments. This means he doesn't just teach the kids what they need to know, but he guides them from the real-world perspective of a player who as been there and continues to be there, including his 2015 First Place success at the Pacific Coast Open, and his numerous other victories in the US and abroad.

The curriculum of the Tournament Success CourseĀ was designed to use every minute of our time with the students to measurably improve their over-the-board playing skills in chess tournaments. We developed every aspect of this program based on Coach Bill's own real-world chess tournament experience, combined with our 30+ years of chess coaching experience. The result is a program unlike any other.

For the past two years, since we started this program, our students have experienced unprecedented success at tournaments and other competitions and have enjoyed the self-esteem boost and confidence that comes with it. Our coaches are there to support and mentor throughout the process. We believe the TSC is as effective or even more effective than private coaching and at a much more manageable cost.


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  2. Hello,

    My son, William, is 9 year old and he has played chess for a couple of years. I would like to find a private coach to improve his skills.

    Please let me know if you offer private classes, and how it goes.



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