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  9:00am – Check in, Free Play & Social Time
  9:30am – Orientation & Game Presentation
10:00am – Tournament Round 1
10:45am – Snack Break
11:15am – Tournament Round 2
12:00pm – Pizza & Recess
  1:00pm – Master Coach Presentation
  2:00pm – Challenge / Bughouse
  2:45pm – Chessbucks Store is Open!
  3:00pm – Pickup



Our lessons are designed to be fun and engaging. Your student will be assessed and placed in a group based on skill and experience. Whether your child is a complete beginner or a strong tournament player, we will make sure the challenges they receive are at the right level.


We will play tournament rounds and students will submit their game notation for analysis by our master coaches. Students are taught to learn from every game, and are accountable for learning from their losses and using that as a basis of improvement.


We won’t neglect the students needs for exercise and fresh air! The camp is carefully paced to give every student a chance to work their bodies as well as their minds. We organize special challenges and events during the breaks to get them moving and stretching.


Every camp features master level coaching. Master coaches will be directing the competition, analyzing games and directly playing the participants. This gives our students access to top level strategy and tactics as well as valuable insights into tournaments and competition.


We want all our students to compete to make each other stronger. We also want the students to have an attitude of challenging themselves. By accepting and completing challenges the students will grow as players and develop great confidence and humility.


One of our camps signature features is the ChessBucks store. Awarding ChessBucks for solving puzzles, winning games and other challenges makes our camps really fun and motivating for kids. It’s a great way to learn and the student will love spending their hard-earned chess money on toys, candy and chess gear in the ChessBucks store.

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