Beyond Monopoly

The ultimate Strategy game camp

Immerse yourself in a realm of strategic brilliance with the Seattle Chess School’s latest camp experience: Beyond Monopoly. In this unique adventure, we spotlight the thrilling world of classic Eurogames, awakening the strategic genius in every child. Each day, our expert game master will guide campers through a diverse array of games, unraveling the intricacies and strategies of each.

From timeless classics like Settlers of CatanCarcassonne, and Ticket to Ride to engaging newcomers such as Big Boss and Werewolf, this journey through contemporary board gaming is an opportunity for both learning and fun. The week is designed to foster a sense of friendly competition and camaraderie among all participants, promising an enriching and memorable experience. Join us at Beyond Monopoly for a week of strategic exploration and discovery!

Your Game Master

Step into a world of strategic exploration with Michael Adams, a distinguished game designer whose creative genius has given rise to 37 acclaimed games. Among these, he’s the mastermind behind beloved classics such as Cranium Cadoo™ and Cranium Hullabaloo™. His vast experience in crafting engaging and intellectually stimulating games ensures that your child’s experience at ‘Beyond Monopoly: The Ultimate Strategy Game Camp’ will be both enriching and unforgettable. Under his expert guidance, your child will unlock new levels of strategic thinking, learn intricate game mechanics, and develop skills that go far beyond the game board.

Safety Meets Fun

We prioritize a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment where every child can learn and grow. Our experienced staff ensures that fun and safety go hand-in-hand, providing peace of mind while your child engages in the joy of play.

A week to remember

Each day at ‘Beyond Monopoly’ unveils a new game, presenting a fresh set of games and challenges. Your child will explore realms ranging from resource management and economic simulation to cooperative strategy and abstract thinking. Every session is crafted to build not just game skills, but lifelong strategies for success.


Warm up games and social. We play for fun and practice but also a chance to meet new friends.

Reset and taking a little brain break.

We’ll go a little deeper than just the rules and try to get to the heart of the best winning strategy.

Some fresh air and exercise, outdoors when possible. 

It’s time to play for real

Second tournament round

Each day campers will collect points in the Tournament Games and we will have a week long competition for all 5 games.

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Testimonials on Michael Adams

Michael is a highly skilled educator with a warmth and understanding of young learners. He meets children where they are at, whether it be in their chess game, creating new board game concepts or even where they are emotionally on any given day. His passion for play and the high regard he has for his students means that his classes and camps are extremely engaging and fun.
Emma Hodgson
Director, Villa Academy
Michael's teaching style is inspirational, he just really knows how to captivate and explains everything in a way that kids can understand it.
Sydney B
Fellow Coach
I've worked with coach Michael for nearly 15 years and I've never seen any coach with a better gift for working with kids and keeping the room calm, fun and engaging.
Steve Ryan

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